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Arma 3 Folder
This should point to your Arma 3 installation folder
Temporary Download Folder
This temporary folder is used by Swifty when downloading repository updates
Note: you can safely delete the contents anytime.
Autocopy Teamspeak plugins
Swifty will update Teamspeak plugins (eg. for ACRE)
Max Parallel Downloads
How many files Swifty may download concurrently.
Additional Folders
Any directories on your computer where you might store optional mods

Adding a repository

Ask your community leaders if you're unsure what goes where.

link to the repository
eg. anonymous
eg. anonymous
Default Addon Folder
This is where Swifty will store mods that belong to this repository
Arma 3 startup parameters - see BIKI for details

Server administrators

Repositories are created and updated using the swifty-cli command-line utility. The output from this utility should be hosted on your HTTP server.

Usage: swifty-cli create [input folder] [output folder]
Example: swifty-cli create mods output

The input folder should follow this structure:
  • @mod1
    • addons
      • helicopter.pbo
      • helicopter.abc.bisign
  • @mod2
    • addons
      • banana.pbo
      • banana.xyz.bisign
  • repo.png
  • repo.config

The repo.png image is required and should be 200px width by 80px height

The repo.config file is also required.

Use the one located here.

Repositories Import

In, this is done automatically.

Import functionality requries this file filled out and uploaded to a website

Tip: Naming the file repoinfo.srf means you can omit the filename on the url.