Version 2.1.8

Released May 6, 2017
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[Fixed] Shortcut issue
[Fixed] Issue #197 update-forced no longer works in
[Fixed] Issue with autoupdater..
[Fixed] Path issue (mostly can still pop up.)
[Fixed] Impossible to resume downloads.
[Fixed] Swifty would randomly autocheck repos marked as when it shouldn't.
[Fixed] Text would wrap not properly #187.
[Fixed] Issue with GZIP on smaller files. (unable to download)
[Tweaked] Button animation speed. #176
[Fixed] Unable to download from password protected repos.
[Fixed] Additional addons folders would require a restart to take effect.
[Fixed] Temp files were not being cleaned up correctly. (Clean your temp files!!)
[Fixed] Another crack at fixing the restart on update issue.
[Tweaked] Download speed calculation..
[Improved] FontInstaller
[Tweaked]  Tried to migate the stack empty error
Font installer fix
[Fixed]Rewrote several core functions. speed++
[Added]Reimplemented pbo delta patching
[Added] New icons for window toolbar
[Fixed] Issue with window menu icons with high DPI screens
[Fixed] SPDs are dead!.
.. and much more..
[Fixed] Edge case with cahcing would could caches to vaild even when they were not
[Fixed] Fixed Issue #164 ( Thanks bux )
[Fixed] Swifty-cli would not remove the mod from the modlist if it was removed 
from the source directory.
[Fixed] Issue with captial adress
[Fixed] Issues with cacheing
[Fixed] Update command woulden't write files
[Fixed] Small issues with code
[Fixed] Optimization
Suggestion is to regen repo with the new swifty-cli
[Fixed] Fixes for the NULL expection.
[Fixed] Unable to use basic auth with downloading
[Fixed] Unable to have various attributes as numbers only.
[Fixed] Typo in "swifty has updates" toast
[Fixed] Fixed issue with restarting starting the old version.
[Fixed] Various issues.
Suggestion is to regen repo with the new swifty-cli
[Disabled] Pbo patching.
[Fixed] swifty-cli.
[Fixed] Various.
[Removed] Old serlization logic
[Added] New custom serlization logic
[Added] Faster cache/changed checks
[Added] Brand new downloader window with massive speed boost
[Added] Pbopatching
[Fixed] A3 path should be set automagicly on startup.
[Fixed] Added -ignore to swifty-cli.exe
[Fixed] swifty cli update command >
[Added] New UI
[Removed] repocreator
[Added] swifty-cli
[Added] Some optimzation to various functions
[Fixed] Cancel button import page
[Fixed] Import button not closing import page
[Fixed] repocreator incorrect help
[Fixed] Renamed patchcreator to repocreator
[Fixed] Preset addons alphabetically sorted in the repo modlist
[Added] Repocreator adds import file by default.
[Added] Added -u
repocreator.exe -u @asd,@as1 inputfolder outfolder
Adds/updates a addon to repository
[Added] Added -d
repocreator.exe -d @asd,@as1 outfolder
Delete a addon to repository
[Fixed] Speedsup in generateing repos.
[Fixed] Preset addons couldn't be disabled (Thanks Jonpas & Suicideking)
[Fixed] Caching was invaildated everytime leading to long checking times (Thanks bear)
[Fixed] Tweaked changelog styles (case issue as well) (Thanks bux)
[Fixed] Repo.config values were converted to lower-case 
[Fixed] Caching would ignore files from another repo in a addon
[Fixed] Made arma3server a vaild target for swifty arma3 path
[Added] New modal window for errors and questions.
[Added] New icon
[Added] More logging for finding the source of issue 122
[Added] Optimized some code
[Fixed] Issue in 2.1.20
[Fixed] Patchcreator file check
[Fixed] Slight issue with buffers on last files
[Changed] UI fixes
[Added] Patchcreator now checks if files need writing.
[Added] Window size is now saved.
[Added] Cached check should be quicker.
[Changed] Play button is slightly more clear.
[Changed] Moved patchcreator to subfolder (tools)
[Fixed] Signed files with Visual Studio. ->
[Fixed] Issue with launching mods.
[Fixed] Case issue on windows servers
[Fixed] HTTP url encoding
[Fixed] Fixed battleye launch bug
[Fixed] Teamspeak autocopy would function even if disabled.
[Fixed] RHS 4.0/1 issue with paths.
[Fixed] Pbos without checksum would get a checksum non the less.
[Fixed] several issues with PBO patching
[Added] new action type.. HeaderUpdate
[Fixed] Race condtion in Download panel. #101  #107
[Fixed] Fixed typon in repo.config.example where ServerName should be ServerAddress
[Fixed] Unhandeld Expection in Import panel #104
[Added] Can submit URL without http prefix to Import panel
[Added] Can submit URL with no file specified #100
[Fixed] Trapped in settings #98
[Fixed] Patchcreator error #96
[Added] Patchcreator no longer shows what its doing #97
[Fixed] issue with null ref during patching due to invaild cast.
[Fixed] Spelling in some places.
[Fixed] Patchcreator requireing input to end.
Revamped UI
Deep Pbo Inspection, inspects pbos and patches files
More info
Better intergration.
Full rewrite of backend.
New updater/installer.
[Added] Force battleeye via repo.xml ( true )
[Fixed] Next can be pressed during installation process.
[Fixed] Can open installer without datapackage being present.
[Fixed] Fixed some minor issue.
[Added] Improved Logging.
[Fixed] Removed the arma3 path from the external addon by default, add it yourself.
[Fixed]  Minor UI Changes
[Added] HTTP support
[Fixed] Fixed bug with launching settings and saving would cause addonpaths to reset
[Fixed] Font changed..
[Fixed] Fixed bug with launching settings without addonpaths
Fixed issue with removeing and adding repos
New ui
90% rewritten
Minor fixes
[Fixed] Playbutton staying yellow after update
[Reworked] Reworked Teamspeak plugins support
[Added] Added Steam check to play method
[Fixed] Progress now shows when you click and not after intial connection delay
[Reworked] Patcher
[Fixed] No longer allows temp path to be in the mods path list
[Fixed] Minor UI issues
[Added] Improvment to UI
[Added] Can launch in all states
[Added] Questionmark linking to paramaters page
[Added] Mod Conflict Handling

Made it a bit quicker.
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