Swifty aims to be a simple and no-hassle mod updater for Arma 3 communities.

It doesn't try to do everything, but instead tries to be intuitive for end-users, with short time-to-play, less buttons to press and less confusing menus.

Rather than a common mod repository, it relies on communities to host their own, thus allowing their administrators to maintain control over updates.

Swifty's main screen


In the background, Swifty employs delta patching and caching to make mod updates faster.
Once cached, a repository of nearly 25 GBs can be diagnosed in a second or two.

Your own conditions

Community administrators who spend their free time maintaining a repository might appreciate the freedom of pushing updates when it suits you best, rather than keeping up with automatic updates in other platforms - which, if you're unlucky, may collide with your community sessions and cause conflicts.